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e-chill Limited is an exciting new British company, based in Milton Keynes. 

Since 2013 we have been seeking a way of improving the method through which beverages are cooled. In achieving an initial break-through in 2014, advancements in technology and design since this time have proved that our product processes are not only unique but also provides economical cooling, free from environmentally damaging coolant gases used in conventional refrigeration systems. The result ; we have developed an innovative, environmentally friendly, unique beverage cooling process using digital control technology.

Whether it be water, beer, cider, or any other beverage our cooling process provides a simple, reliable and economic solution to cooling while eliminating the use of coolant gases required by conventional refrigeration systems.

All research and development work has been undertaken in the UK, with unit production being carried out in Yorkshire.

Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 22.36.58.png
Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 22.44.45.png

Why are our products environmentally friendly?

  • Cooling process uses varying levels of electrical power maximising cooling efficiency

  • No compressor systems required

  • No coolant pressurisation required

  • Compressor based systems cool indirectly; we use a direct cooling process

  • There is no possibility of damaging compressor gases escaping into the atmosphere

  • At the end of their life, all products are easily recycled  

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